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School PTO / PTA Website

Elementary School's PTO Website :: http://www.haynespto.org
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Website for an elementary school parent teacher organization (PTO). The website has become the main vehicle for communicating between the school and the parents. It has streamlined many aspects of the school / parent relationship, resulting in increased parent involvement in school activities and more effective communication. The website is built on the Joomla Content Management System based on Cloud a la Carte's solution for school PTO / PTA.

Back to school paper forms have become a thing of the past. The website provides online forms that can be customized and capture all necessary information. These forms can then be imported in spreadsheets or other types of data processing tools.

Each school department and PTO coordinators has a page that directly appears in the website menu. Departments maintain their own page without the support from the web team resulting in timely publication on the website of relevant information.

Easy to use interface to submit articles :: http://www.haynespto.org
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A simple web administration interface allows the parents to rapidly and easily create new articles and to choose in which area of the website they will be displayed. These articles are not published until they have been reviewed and approved by the web team using an automated workflow.

The site maintains a calendar page displaying events maintained by school coordinators. Events are submitted and approved just like articles. Once approved they are published in the website calendar page and in an upcoming events box on the front page.

Volunteer registration page :: http://www.haynespto.org
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Parent can also directly register for volunteer opportunities in a volunteer registration page. They can view all the opportunities and the number of available spots remaining.

The website has a restricted area only accessible to the parents after registration to the website. The restricted area is used to display photo galleries and to collaborate on projects.

The website can collect online donations for the PTO by clicking on a "Donate" button displayed on each page. The "Donate" button links to a PayPal donation page that accepts credit cards.

The PTO board members and coordinators can be contacted by email without having to disclose their email address through an online contact form.

A newsletter generated automatically from the latest articles posted on the website is emailed every week to the school parents.

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